The Wedding Cake, Featured Attraction!

Beach Relaxation Cakes – Our absolute favorite beach wedding cake is 2 Adirondack chairs as the cake topper, with 2 pairs of flip flops beneath them. Figurines of the bride and groom sitting in the chairs is optional. A regular beach or lounge chair can also be used instead of the Adirondacks. One of our other favorites was a figurine bride and groom snoozing in a large hammock as the cake topper, with sand and miniature beer bottles beneath them.

You want a designer who will be able to create a cake that is right for you, who is able to help you plan the wedding cake of your dreams. And let's not forget about taste. Ask for a sample of the flavor with the filling and icing you want. Allow time to shop around.

You can also give some thought to the scenery around the cake table. The wedding cake could be the focal point for the photographer. Besides, your friends and family will be gathered around the table for photos and so you will want the whole area to be beautiful.

But if fancy is more to your taste you have plenty of directions you can go. If you enjoy chocolates, you may choose from any number of truffle variations that are popular. On the more exotic side a tiramisu or mango passion fruit might just be the right choice for you. When choosing your baker, these are some things you will work out together

For a cheap but elegant cakes for your wedding that is simply decorated, 2 to 3-tier cake that has specific wedding cake icing as well as fondant decoration is price to the range of $5 up to $6 for every slice of the cake and you can also have this cake for a little cost but you need to sacrifice various decorations so you can get the cake for a more low amount.

Those monstrous cakes now have been replaced by much smaller and simpler cakes. Simplicity is the order of the day. No more columns -- just straight layers. Flowers -- lots of them, both fresh and sugar-made (edible) -- are now the most popular decorating items on the cakes.

A bridal shower cake is usually and ideally inspired from the bride-to-be as it is her day and the party is meant to honor her. It depicts her style, preference, and personality. When a cake is inspired by the bride and the Bridal Shower Theme, it becomes memorable as the token of love that you have toward your friend.

Wedding cake toppings were simple in the late 19th Century. Wedding cakes were often decorated with flowers or ornament such bells and small objects that related to the bride and groom. Wedding cake toppings were commonly handcrafted and made of frosting, gum paste, icing, or plaster of Paris by a professional wedding cake baker or a member of the bride’s or groom’s family.

1. Ask your groom's advice. The final decision may ultimately be yours, but at least ask him his opinion before you throw down money on it. You probably don't want to end up with a groom's cake that the groom will hate.